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Traditionally the ritual of “opening the doors of the church” has meant inviting individuals to become members of the church, thereby bestowing upon them a set of rights, privileges and responsibilities. UFC, Greater Atlanta intends to build on that tradition by welcoming the community in; while we also take the church into the community. Our Love for God is demonstrated by our service to people through In-reach and outreach! To that end we are “Opening the Doors of The Church Wide” It is a strategic plan to increase the capacity of the church as an organization to be a social change agent and a spiritual development process  designed to guide the membership in becoming a more transformative spiritual community. Whosoever will, Come!! The doors of the church are wide open!



Because UFC,  Greater Atlanta is a social justice ministry, the goal is individual transformation that leads to collective action toward a just society. The primary goal is not to increase church membership or build the proverbial “mega church.”  However, increased church membership is among the natural benefits of “Opening the Doors of The Church Wide!”

  • God is Love and Love is for Everyone!
  • We are the very essence of Love as is all creation regardless of race, creed, color, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification or class
  • God is neither male nor female; God is a spirit and has no gender.
  • God is greater than any religion, denomination or school of thought.
  • We believe in the teachings of Jesus the Christ, but we DO NOT dismiss all other faiths and beliefs as wrong or second to our way of believing.
  • Enlightenment and Revelation are continuous and DID NOT STOP with the bible writers.
  • The bible and all great spiritual writings or guides must be read taking into consideration the time of the writing, the traditions practiced at that time and the fact that we have the right to question and examine all interpretation.
  • In order to practice Love we must be involved in the affairs of society, fight for social justice and provide for all according to their expressed need.
  • NOTHING shall separate us from the Love of God!


UFC, GREATER ATLANTA offers church leaders, congregants and the community several opportunities to serve.  All members are encouraged to join a ministry and members of the community are welcome to participate in the church’ ministries also.  The church strives to be a beacon of light taking on the responsibility of being an uncompromising voice for truth and justice for all people; while providing a spiritual community where individuals are guided and supported to develop a healthy relationship with God, self and neighbors.  Join a ministry and help us to declare to the world that God is Love and Love is everyone as we open the doors of the church wide!  The ministries are divided into two categories:

Ministries of Help (In-reach Ministries):  Those ministries that serve within the church  to enhance the worship services, support congregants and ensure the stability of the church. These ministries make up the church’s infrastructure.  If the church were a coffee table, the Ministries of Help would be the table legs.

Outreach Ministries:  Those ministries that serve primarily in the community so that UFC, Greater Atlanta is able to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people that our mission calls us to serve.  Outreach ministries allow us to demonstrate our love of God by treating the needs of all people holy. If the church were a coffee table, Outreach Ministries would be the table top.



We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

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